Posted: Feb 10, 2018 8:14 am
by Mike_L
felltoearth wrote:I dropped it about halfway through season 4. Any use picking it up again?

I'm inclined to say, "No".
This is right...

Spinozasgalt wrote:I regard the second half of the fourth season and the whole of the fifth season as the show at its best. I will not be swayed from this.


As for the eighth season, I haven't watched the first half yet. I know it's supposed to be pretty sluggish and uneven. This new trailer does look a lot better than the original season trailer though, so it may pick up again and get me keen. We'll see.

Agree. :nod:

Ratings for the first half of season 8 have been among the series' lowest. Frankly, it's a mess. The 'Negan charisma' that held season 7 together quite well now seems insufficient to make season 8 work. I'll probably watch the first few episodes of the second half, if only because of the time already invested in the first half... but I'm on the verge of dropping it.