Posted: Feb 11, 2018 5:03 am
by Macdoc
Always liked it especially after seeing Bolero from Torval and Dean...still the only pair to get 6.0 across the board.

It's very good at the Olympics just now with excellent feeds from Korea.

This girl from Russia is a force of nature tho.


GANGNEUNG (South Korea) (Sputnik) - Figure skater from Russia Evgenia Medvedeva set a new world record, having scored 81.06 in the short program in team competition in the Winter Olympic Games in South Korea on Sunday.
Medvedeva's previous record, 80.85, was set last year at the World Team Trophy in Tokyo.

Last year, Evgenia Medvedeva won the European Championships in Ostava, Czech Republic, setting world records in the short and free skate programs, and breaking South Korea’s Yuna Kim’s world record total score from the 2010 Olympics with a total score of 229.71.

Nice coverage on EuroSport with multiple streams.

Short kid from the US blindsided our gold shot for the snowboarding free .....only 17 and he certainly deserved the medal.
Still Silver and Bronze okay.

The shrimp in the middle is stole our glory but what a boarder...


I prefer the winter olympics over the summer.