Posted: Feb 12, 2018 1:33 pm
by Crocodile Gandhi
zulumoose wrote:
Only if it can be objectively measured should it count.

Wouldn't that limit the Olympics to little more than track and field?
I think much more would be lost than gained by such an approach. Human interest seems to be largely centred around the subjective, which may frustrate the hell out of many of us, but such is life.

There are loads of team sports outside of track and field that are objective. One team scores more than the other in field hockey, water polo, rugby 7s, volleyball (beach and indoor), handball, badminton, table tennis, football (though I don't think it should be an olympic sport) and actual tennis (I have the same feelings about this as football). Then outside of track and field you have all of the swimming, cycling (road and track), canoeing, rowing, triathlon where someone does something objectively faster. Then there are the accuracy sports like archery and shooting. Also strength sports like weightlifting.

I'm not saying that subjective sports should be banned. I enjoy watching gymnastics and diving. I enjoy watching the snowboard slopestyle and halfpipe. But when I watch the swimming, I know who won. When I watch the moguls, I can like what I see but have no idea whether a run is worth 80.5 points or 65.7