Posted: Jun 05, 2018 8:18 am
by Spinozasgalt
scott1328 wrote:I would make an exception to see Rick Grimes eaten by zombies.


I mean, yeah, they'll most likely fuck this thing up. But Daryl's a more compelling character than Rick is by a mile. The most enduring relationship he has (with Carol) is more interesting than anything Rick has. He doesn't give those appalling speeches and crap like Rick does. And Daryl being the lead calls back to one of my favourite moments in season 4, where Beth tells him he'll lose her someday but that he'll be the last man standing. What'll be interesting to me is how they fuck all this up.

Plus, I just like the notion that Carol and Daryl, rather than Rick and Carl, are the last survivors from the original Atlanta group. Rick and Carl suck.