Posted: Oct 30, 2018 3:09 am
by OlivierK
Haven't seen this week's episode yet, but I'm struggling with this series due to the quality of the scriptwriting. Honestly, it's dire. The Rosa Parks episode may have been the worst script for any episode of any show I've seen in some time. (I don't watch much TV, so I'm sure there's worse out there.) My teenage kids were just about at the point of throwing things at the television as the characters droned on with stating-the-bleeding-obvious exposition on the bus at the top of their voices, while everyone else in the scene acted as if the Doctor&Co weren't even there. It was like watching a poor imitation of The Sixth Sense. There were lots of shouts of "They can all hear you!" and facepalming.

I'm also not at all convinced by the TARDIS makeover, and still wondering about the wisdom of introducing four possible companions in Episode 1, killing the best, and taking all of the other three that you didn't want to become the companion.

I'd love this season to work, but for now, for me, it's not. Badly.