Posted: Nov 27, 2018 11:31 pm
by electricwhiteboy
OlivierK wrote:
Ironclad wrote:I read that the story writer is on his way out, as is the new Doctor

I read that Whittaker's second season has already started production, presumably with Chibnall still at the helm.

It's the scripts that are the issue for me: inconsistent, preachy, and full of telling rather than showing. One of the hallmarks of good Doctor Who is cleverness. Not much cleverness in this season, just lots of deus ex machina bollocks.

Chibbers wasn't as truly fucking bollocks as I had feared given his past form on the show. Now the dust is settling and we're in business as usual the picture isn't too pretty again. There's a very obvious formula that seems a lot more prescriptive, and that's never a good thing.