Posted: May 30, 2019 5:04 pm
by WayOfTheDodo
purplerat wrote:Being overwhelmed doesn't mean they were completely wiped out.

But Dumb&Dumber did say that we essentially saw the end of the Dothraki after the Winterfell battle. And yet they were back in full force just a little bit later.

You are defending Dumb&Dumber. That is pretty sad.

purplerat wrote:It took them 3 years to produce 2 seasons which are really only about 1.5 seasons. So basically it was taking them 2 years per season with diminishing returns at that. Which I think is practically unavoidable in TV. I think the season 8 we got was the least worst option for ending the series. Yes it could have been better but the idea of 5 more seasons spread out over another decade sounds torturous.

It took them 3 years to produce 2 seasons because they chose to focus more on cool special effects and boring war than going back to the core of the show.

The season 8 we got was the worst option by far, because it could have been done far more competently even with the same limitations. There are tons of people out there with suggestions on how the final season could have been massively improved with relatively small changes. It would still not have been great, but not the shitty mess we actually got.

We didn't need 5 seasons spread over a decade. 5 seasons could have taken 5 more years, but they didn't even need 5 more seasons.