Posted: Aug 14, 2019 10:16 pm
by willhud9
purplerat wrote:I didn't say the average viewer went into it wanting to hate it. I was talking about the Youtube commentators specifically. I'm willing to bet the vast majority of "Why GoT season 8 sucks" are from Youtubers who regularly post "Why _____ sucks" videos and not long time fans of GoT specifically.

I doubt it. Most of the writing channels I follow have talked about how Season 8 failed due to writing and poor character development while having previous videos on the development of Game of Thrones or if not GoT specifically other significant pop culture related to writing, plot development, settings, tropes, etc.

The Lindsay Ellis video above actually addresses the difference between say the backlash against how GoT ended and the backlash against say Star Wars. By the by people have focused on the writing of season 8 and laid the blame squarely at D&D's feet. But the backlash against Star Wars got mired in sexism and hate towards the cast. Rose in Episode 8 was given so much undeserved hate and the actress who played her was bullied on social media so much she had to shut down her account.

Just looking at my YouTube wall I see videos arguing the pros and cons of the Marvel cinematic universe, I see videos arguing why the live action Disney remakes are bad. All trending topics in today's pop culture. Youtubers know how to play to current pop culture trends. But overall, these video essays are usually done with intelligence, wit, and some modicum of humor.