Posted: Aug 15, 2019 3:58 pm
by arugula2
purplerat wrote:
Fair enough.

My comments weren't even specific to GoT, rather I'm genuinely interested in why so many people seem to spend a lot of time consuming or talking about entertainment that they claim to not like or even hate. It's similar to how we have a highly polarized political world where people tend to spend a lot of time and energy focused on "the other side". At least with politics I can see the sense in that. I don't get it when it comes to entertainment unless people are being entertained by being angry or upset that they didn't like something.

That’s a thing. But for probably the majority of them, at least the germ of a reason includes 1) love of a product or medium, and 2) desire to see the product reflect the high expectations of paying customers, and not so much the corporate habits of an industry. What’s crucial, I think, is that the public will always have superior methods/products to compare, so a lack of resources or talent is not an excuse, especially for someone like HBO.

As for telling them apart (the haters-for-the-sake-of-hating and the fanbois)... unless the review is very very ineptly disguised, you shouldn’t be able to really tell the difference - and certainly not enough to generalize in such a way as to exclude/minimize fanboidom.