Posted: Sep 05, 2019 9:34 pm
by purplerat
GoT, both the TV series and the books, has major story problems starting somewhere between seasons/books 3 & 4. Season 8 didn't make those problems worse it just didn't fix them. If you're going back and rewatching or rereading those earlier parts the problems that were always there might just be more evident to you now. I mean books 4 and 5 were heavily criticized for being major downgrades in quality from the first 3 and that was before the TV series even got rolling.

I loved Dexter too but the problems with that show, and to a lesser degree the books it was based on, are even worse. The show had a cool premise but they went nowhere with it after the first season and it just became unbelievably repetitive. Ironically I think the failure of that finale season is the opposite of what happened with GoT where Dexter actually attempted to fix some of the problems that had long played the story but it just didn't work.