Posted: Nov 22, 2019 3:58 am
by arugula2
Thommo wrote:ETA: There is one detail I omitted to mention and perhaps should have. There is a distinction between a sociological commentary (or an attempt at one) which critiques the audience of a particular genre as infantile (and hence as having worrying implications) and a literary commentary which critiques a particular genre (or a number of works within one) as infantile. Only one of those two things is amenable to evaluation rather than being strictly opinion, and clearly some comments have fallen on either side of this divide.

Alan Moore's opinions clearly fall on the side of critiquing an audience rather than a genre, and he's expressed them in numerous places over the years, e.g. ... s-watchmen.

I’ve never noticed this guy until today - other than having read The Watchmen a few years ago, which was captivating. I don’t have an impression of the value of his comments yet. Thanks for the link.