Posted: Nov 22, 2019 4:55 am
by I'm With Stupid
Animavore wrote:I'm not going to fault anyone for liking what they like but Moore's not entirely wrong in one regard in that a line can be drawn from comic book, movie, and gamers and this toxic culture of far right, knee-jerk reactionists, the likes of which revenge vote for Trump, in response to their beloved franchises diversifying.

I'm not even joking here. From when the ball started rolling with an all-female Ghostbusters right up to the recent announcement of a female Thor there has been an incessant pouring of grieving white men clogging up the comment sections as a backlash to 'woke' culture. And in those comments you will see 'This is why we're voting Trump', 'This is why Trump won', 'This is why Trump's gonna win in 2020'. Literally a bloc of Trump supporters who are terrified of losing their privileged status as white males voting for an insecure, disrespectful, destructive, emotionally immature, trashy bully like they are (or wish they were) as a fuck you to society stemming from the culture of grown white men who take kids' things seriously. They even railed against the new depiction of She-Ra as an almost Tomboy rather than an unrealistic female seemingly created to titilate young boys. This is a show for little girls! And these emotionally stunted manbabies are allowed to vote?

Don't forget the latest Star Wars. Fucking hell what a joke that reaction was. Bullying an Asian woman off Twitter because they didn't like her character in the film.

But yeah, I can't speak for most of the Marvel films because I haven't seen them, but mainstream Hollywood films have always had a fairly right wing outlook. The people in Hollywood tend to be quite left wing, but if you look at things like homosexuality, it just simply isn't represented in the majority of films, because they're very conservative from a business point of view. The fact that a black superhero was considered a talking point in 2017 tells you how far behind the times they are. But the overwhelming message of a big chunk of Hollywood films is that violence is the way to solve things. They almost all subscribe to the "good guy with a gun" narrative, probably not out of some conscious effort to create neo-con propaganda, just because it makes an exciting action film.