Posted: Nov 22, 2019 11:43 am
by Ironclad
Marvel had a black actor as the lead in a very successful and popular superhero movie over 20 years ago. There was no god damn wait, fuck sake. It was so popular a trilogy was made. AND it is being remade.
Whoever said "it's about time" is a silly cunt.
There WERE whinings about the Black Panther movie, which was highly anticipated, and made a barrel of dollarquids. The studio hired a black director, had a mostly black cast - well done - but it was rubbish. Confused CGI, a backstory that grated what was set in motion in the Captain America movie before it, and the lead player had a starkly different personality. And it was rubbish, again.
These comics were written approximately 50 years ago, by, mostly, white European males. For youngsters. It shouldn't be terribly surprising that the comic book cast is a bit limited in diversity, but it is there of one bothers to look first before griping. Also, there is all of human history to get through yet, perhaps the purple-haired placard wavers could learn to sketch and create their own implausible superheroes and heroines and cease crying (lying?) over what has been drawn. You don't need to change popular characters for the 'sake' of diversity, they are already there; or you can grab a pencil and make your own! (I mean them, not you, dear reader)