Posted: Nov 22, 2019 12:11 pm
by Ironclad
Regarding homosexually in the movies, is it important to a story that a character is overt in their sexuality? Why? Are we sure Batman isn't gay? He's bad with girls, uses a lot of eyeliner, is wealthier than average and keeps his best outfits - for nights on the town - in a hidden closet..
A Premier League football player was asked, on live TV a few years ago, given that there should be many gay football players on the pitch each weekend, how many did he know and why were they not 'coming out'. He appeared to answer frankly, IIRC - "I don't know any and it's never discussed, we go to work, train, then go home to our families. There may be a few, there may be none, but it doesn't appear to be important" - something like that.