Posted: Nov 22, 2019 7:00 pm
by Thommo
purplerat wrote:Why is that question posed "regarding homosexuality"? I'd estimate that 9/10 non-romance movies have an overt romantic subplot, most of which really aren't important to the main story. So why do only the homosexual ones rile people up?

Using the Batman example, most Batman movies do include a female love interest completely unnecessary to the rest of the plot. So why should it bother anybody if a different Batman movie mixed it up and had him screwing around with Robin?

Whilst I take the general point (and honestly have the impression this does happen now, to some extent, although probably disproportional underrepresentation), I have to say that specific - an adoptive father and son - is definitely not the one to go for to improve representation.

Mind you, personally I'd be perfectly happy if unnecessary romantic subplots just went the way of the dodo anyway, I don't actually like them. You'll probably find that changing characterisations from one depiction to the next picks up legitimate criticism as well, if it's not individual characters who have the change made on a permanent basis too.