Posted: Jan 04, 2020 3:03 pm
by aufbahrung
BlackBart wrote:
aufbahrung wrote:Imagine anyone with body dismorphia or seriously disfigured through burns who watched got themselves a dose of PTSD. Let alone any who'd just been to a cremation of some relative. Seems Moffat cares about shocking his audience rather than the outliers in his audience who might be more traumatised than shocked - didn't cross a actual line but crossed a spirit of a line...class it as breaching the wall of good taste, in places.

Its horror Einstein.

No it was establishment propoganda. The woman in the cremation basket was meant to represent the lower cognitive capacity of black people generally. She was a dupe. She resembled a younger Diane Abbot. From this one point much can be gleaned with regards the shows intent. Designed for a Labour win to rally the troops of establishment. That Labour never won the election is beside the point.