Posted: Jan 04, 2020 8:00 pm
by Hermit
Svartalf wrote:
Hermit wrote:
aufbahrung wrote:Not a bad Dracula though, but generic and mundane and so predictable. Almost but not quite there. You can't beat authenticity.

An authentic Dracula? Now, there's a novel idea.

define 'authentic' as pertains to Dracula? no movie or series ever made on the subject was ever faithful in the least to the Stoker original... and Stoker just pieced his vampire from a variety of sources and grafted the name of a medieval ruler known for hideous cruelty on it, nothing authentic there either.

Um, yeah, thanks for the lecture. Looks like you have not noticed the double meaning in "novel". It turns my remark into a pun, and a somewhat sarcastic joke. Nobody else except for Fallible seems to have noticed either. There I was, stoked with the brilliance of my wordplay, but now I feel like someone has driven a stake through my heart. It's a cruel world. My fragile ego cannot cope with it.