Posted: Jun 18, 2020 9:50 am
by LucidFlight
I had first heard of GoT when I was working at a television company, many years ago now. Actors from the show were special guests at a company lunch thing, with finger foods and sandwiches laid out — although, technically, sandwiches are finger foods as well, I guess. I don't remember who the actors were, nor did I go to the special lunch. I believe a few of us from the technical team went to Nando's for lunch instead.

Anyway, about two years and seasons later, a friend suggested that I should watch the show. I had not watched any trailers and didn't know much about it, other than the medieval setting. I didn't know about any dragons or mystical creatures. My primary enjoyment was derived from watching the antics of Sean Bean's character and the fat king (played by Mark Addy).

Of course, the first episode and developing storyline had me hooked, and I have since watched the first few seasons a number of times. I think around season 5 or 6, I was too far in to not want to seek the conclusion, so I stuck it out to the end.

Would I watch it again? Perhaps, but mainly for the good production, the scenes, costumes, and settings.