Posted: Jun 18, 2020 5:52 pm
by arugula2
This is an interesting traipsing. Let’s see... I read the books first, then avoided the show bc it was clear that some yummy plot elements were fucked with. For example, no forest person suddenly appearing at a soldier’s encampment, looking into the fire, pointing terrified at Arya, and then disappearing just as suddenly, hellllooooo? :pissed: Quite literally in the middle of war? Like the eye of a storm, except the storm is so much bigger and more ancient than some petty land grab among nobles. That was the most powerful moment in all the 5 (so far) books for me. Gone. But instead you have Arya randomly encounter the red priestess, to... give that actor more things to do, I guess? Fuck right off.

But once the show had progressed, I tried - twice - to watch it. First gave up in the middle of season 4, at the insultingly bad encounters between Theon’s sister and the Bolton bastard. :wtf: Fuuuuuuck oooooooooff please. That was while season 7 airing. Once the show had wrapped up, I did the 7 free days of HBO, and tried to push through. Pretty much all the ways the plot diverges from the books was annoying, but at least most of the acting was decent. I already hated Daenerys & Jon from the books (the 2 most odious non-Bolton characters, imo) so they didn’t bother me particularly much, and Jon is actually much more robust in the show. Not enough Manderly, obviously. A little too much Littlefinger.

Middle of season 6 to the end of the show was the best stretch. They got the pacing right. Most of the remaining characters became more interesting. Well, basically, Sansa did... that’s about it. I agree that with the show’s story arc, and if you’re not particularly invested in the individual Starks, it kind of makes sense to stop after the “shattering” (let’s call it). For me, the ancient lore of the place & how it ties to the “real” crisis was always the true focus of the story... and the game of thrones was the surface distraction. When you look at it this way, devogue’s nonchalance fits just fine.

As bad as books 4 & 5 were collectively, I am still curious how GRRM is going to present those resolutions. The “shattering” can’t happen before the end of book 6, imo, or the very start of book 7. And then you have almost a whole ‘nother book to go. I can’t imagine he’d spend an entire book resolving game-of-thrones bullshit... unless he intersperses it with yummy lore and forest beings throughout. That could be fun. ( :yay: )

Added: they totally deformed Grey Worm as a character, no pun intended. I’d avoid the rest of the show just to avoid him in it, except... he’d pretty much vanished by then, no? Lol. I expect GRRM gives him a noble death in a muddy ditch... unless he changes his mind.