Posted: Jun 18, 2020 6:14 pm
by arugula2
Hermit wrote:When the original series was about to screen various media filled up with trailers. The one I watched gave me the impression that the setting was somewhat medieval. Then footage of an attractive woman was shown. She had impeccably coiffed, blond hair, black eyebrows so neat they looked painted on, and there was not a speck of dust on her as she flew through the air, riding on the back of a huge, reptilian animal the design of which may have been inspired by one of those creatures in Jurassic Park. By the end of that trailer I had formed the kind of opinion many of you appear to have arrived at eight years later, albeit for different reasons.

Speaking of Michael Crichton, he also taught us that the dustiness of medievals is a modern bias. Also, what Fallible wrote.