Posted: Nov 15, 2020 7:25 pm
by arugula2
Image The Last Dance (Netflix)

One episode so far (of 10). I was leery bc Michael Jordan is notoriously an asshole & spending several hours with him didn't seem like a fun time. But the docu is interested in the trajectory of the team, so there's plenty to focus on without being glued to MJ (though, obviously, he takes up more screen time than anyone else). The look and sound of it is absorbing. Definitely the stuff of a 2-hour documentary I'd probably watch in one sitting. Especially since this Bulls team was one of maybe only 2 times I was ever interested in the NBA. But ten 50-minute episodes? The first episode sets things up well, and if they'd shaved off some of the franchise drama, it's easy to see how the premise (the Bulls' 6th and final championship attempt under Phil Jackson in 1997-98) could've been satisfied in standard time. I don't think I can trudge through all that filler. :nono: But someone more fascinated with the subject should check it out.