Posted: Dec 16, 2020 9:01 pm
by arugula2
Animavore wrote:
arugula2 wrote:Veep is great. I think the tone shift halfway through kind of killed it for me. She’s perfect in her title role, let’s just say.

You're saying she becomes President?

Thanks for ruining it! :lol:

If you did.

I don’t think so? I mean maybe she does- but there’s a different kind of shift... I want to say it starts with season 4? But I’m not sure. I did stop watching a couple eps into that shift. The writing for the character changes tone & it’s not a good fit... but it probably didn’t last. I just lost interest, so I never found out. (Nor about the other thing!) :P

ETA: sry about any sense of spoilers- I must’ve been tired/distracted. But idk if she ever became president (I’ve even forgotten clues from articles & trailers etc) so there’s that. :P