Posted: Feb 16, 2021 4:28 pm
by I'm With Stupid
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I’d be very interested in your thoughts on the differences between UK and Japanese tv. My only knowledge is from uk tv which would show a clip of a Japanese newsreader shouting very angrily at the screen.
I remember our first tv, it was a wooden cube with a 14” screen and made by Bush. Only bbc existed and for the first 2nights I was allowed to stay up until all programs finished and we stared at the test screen which soon vanished to a dot.
One night my dad forgot to turn it off and the next day day it wouldn’t work and so he removed the back cover to look inside. One of the valves was discoloured so he removed it and sent me with it on my bicycle to the ‘radio shop’ for a replacement. I think it cost 10/-. It worked. Well done dad.

Hmmm... I've been thinking about this for a few days since I read your post. There is a lot that I could say in terms of things that exist or are high profile in one country and are not a thing or are only a minor thing in the other. I'll give it a bit more thought and work up some ideas, maybe open a new thread.

To be going on with, here is one thing that baffles me on Japanese TV. There are a plethora of cooking programmes and a regular theme is the 'big eater' style show where they set a challenge to eat a huge amount of food in a certain time. Sometimes an individual will eat 5 or 6 kilos in 50 minutes.... (Just skip forward, you'll get the idea of how the show progresses...)

There is a variant of this where people suffer their way through ridiculously spicy dishes for the viewing enjoyment of the audience at home.

I just don't get it, but these are popular shows here.

I like Chris Broad's take on the topic.