Posted: Feb 18, 2021 1:31 pm
by Thommo
I'm With Stupid wrote:I like Chris Broad's take on the topic.

Cool video, but I was interested in how much I disliked all those UK TV shows he mentioned: Kitchen Nightmares, Jeremy Kyle (incidentally - not sure he's still on TV), Tiger King, Piers Morgan, X Factor. I would actively pay to not have to watch that lot.

I haven't really watched a lot of Japanese TV, not least because I don't speak Japanese and live half way across the world. The only show I can directly compare between Japan and other countries is Ninja Warrior (Sasuke), which was franchised worldwide, as well as redubbed in English. I prefer the Japanese version of that to the US or UK version, the US version is OK, and has since been cloned into a bunch of other shows. The UK version was dreadful.