Posted: Apr 27, 2021 7:26 pm
by thirsting
It could have started with something other than man rubbing himself against a pole while unknowingly being telepathically connected to fucking lesbians on other side of the world. Almost stopped watching right there. Glad I didn't, that series was really awesome.

Something else that is awesome is Lovecraft Country. Two episodes left to watch, hopefully it doesn't fall flat at the end. But so far, loving it. All the monsters/demons/magic transformations are so well done. The only thing that felt weird in a wrong way was how the shaman was offed... I mean sure, do it that way, but should have some signifigance or consequenses or something..

And hate-watched all of Raised by Wolves. Wishing I hadn't. So much stupid, stupid stuff and scifi cliches and a fucking tiny spaceship that makes a sliding crashlanding that ends up just hair away from falling into a giant pit... argh. Really should have just stopped there.