Posted: Aug 26, 2021 4:06 pm
by Agrippina
arugula2 wrote:Image Wolf Hall (2015)

A re-watch. I see through Mark Rylance's acting this time, but he has a good face. Anton Lesser as Thomas More was probably the highlight - but it's a strong cast throughout. A sleepy 40 minutes, and the intrigue begins properly at minute 52, when we meet Anne Boleyn, but there's a lot to recommend, including the music.

A couple of weeks ago I signed up for Britbox, I've really had it with American TV and the idiotic nonsense that passes for entertainment from that country, so, I don't know if it's old age, but I wanted to watch something that takes my mind off the things that bother me, so I gave it a try. What a pleasure. At 2 am this morning, I was literally laughing out loud at Victor Meldrew, and Wolf Hall is on my watchlist. British TV from the 90s and early this century his brilliant. Well acted, swearing where appropriate, and none of the skin tight skirts and wokeness gratuitous sex of American tv. Maybe old age Is making me prudish but I've really had it with the endless padding of poor acting with people stripping down and simulating sex for half of the show. At least these shows are just entertainment and in language that doesn't make me cringe with the endless mispronunciation and misuse of the English language. Yep I think I have now officially become a grumpy old woman.