Posted: Aug 30, 2021 8:07 am
by aban57
Macdoc wrote:Partner and I are doing the entire 13 season cycle of Dr. Who 2-4 episodes a night. Currently on the David Tenant round, the toothsome Rose has been replaced by and equally toothsome partner who reminds us of our former housemate.


Aggie you could try Killing Eve which is dark fun....a most diabolical cutie as a villain.
Downton Abbey of course. I enjoyed Outlander and Poldark. The Crown is well crafted.

If you can find it, The Man from Snowy River is enjoyable...just incredible horse riding and photography. Partner and I were in the Snowy Mountains this year for a couple of weeks so was a treat for that reason.

Killing Eve is brilliant. A must-see.