Posted: Sep 06, 2021 1:13 am
by arugula2
Rick and Morty season 5, final 2 episodes airing tonight apparently. Mixed bag this season. Eps 4, 6 & 7(?) are low points in the show imo - hackneyed, lazy writing, thin, noisy... struggling to be funny. I can't find a pattern in terms of writer/director for each episode, it's too random. Ep 8 was fine wine, and it was centered on Rick. I think that might be the issue... even when the show has focused on one of the other characters, that's always worked best when the center of gravity was somewhere between that character and Rick. I suppose Rick is someone's alter-ego & the staff struggles for maximum wit when they artificially segregate him from whatever storyline they're trying to spotlight. (For example, even ep7 is ostensibly "about Rick" - but it's really not, once you see through the skin of it.)