Posted: Feb 01, 2022 8:32 am
by arugula2
Image The Expanse (season 6). I think the show has as many big things that drag it down as it has strengths, and the casting of Marco Inaros is pretty much a torpedo in the hull. I can't imagine ever watching it again (vs spinning up BSG reboot every couple years whenever someone's willing to watch with me - or the random ST:TNG episode when doing chores). There's too much tedious characterization in this one, which sucks mainly because most else is stellar - no pun intended - especially the world-building visuals & sound.

Basically, if they'd cast a couple more like Amos, Bobbie, Drummer, Fred, and Miller... kept Holden, Clarissa, Alex, and many of the side characters... and ditched everyone else, would've been an excellent show. Cringe space-patoi explains some of the taint (Ashford for one, Nagata for another... idk how Drummer pulls it off, but she does)... and how annoying to find someone in the end more interesting than David Strathairn but who can also pull off the accent (Walker)... only to promptly die.