Posted: Feb 11, 2022 4:26 am
by arugula2
^ Yeah, Walker is a mensch.

The casting was hit-or-miss even before Marco. I found myself letting it slide, for example, whenever Avasarala - another sprawling character - delivered 1-take-and-done material. I've seen her in other things, and I know she's a solid actor, so it has to be a budget/director decision. Same with Marco, but more blatant... the guy couldn't charm a banana out of its peel, let alone lead an armada of honour-fetishizing cutthroats. A decent director surely sees this & trims dialogue, edits scenes, etc, to mask this defect.

Now, if it turns out he's truly dead, and there's more show otw - then hosanna in excelsis, bc it's pretty darn easy to let other things slide. (For the record, Avasarala is pretty cool, and I basically like the character.)