Posted: Feb 11, 2022 4:41 am
by arugula2
Image True Detective (season 1, 2014). Yep, as good as I remember. Not like watching it fresh bc I see through a few affectations I would probably have been too buzzed to see the first time - but they're in the last couple episodes (also, the final lines of the final scene are a quiet knockout, and so is the musical fade-out). The plot doesn't matter - it's a vehicle for an ethereal performance by McConaughey... very special, this one. Supporting cast is perfect, especially Woody, though I'm sure he's billed as co-star - but he ain't. He's the perfect foil & co-tagonist/stand-in for us.

Season 2 was unwatchable, I decided within 10 minutes. Colin Farrell's re-hirability is a travesty. (But also the tone is stupid.) Season 3 was ok, too meandering, and vastly less interesting than the original, though not for committing to something unusual.