Posted: Jun 07, 2022 3:42 am
by don't get me started
Just watched 'Night Sky' on Amazon Prime.
Well, that was a treat. J.K. Simmons and Sissy Spacek play an aging couple in typical small town mid-west America.
They live their lives, go about their business and proceed through the mild perturbations and minor interpersonal conflicts that are the warp and weft of life.
Oh, they also have a secret chamber under their garden shed that leads to a portal to another solar system...

The thing I liked about this was the sheer normality of the lives lived by the characters. So used am I to dramas where every emotional response is dialed up to 11, every conflict of interest leads to a blazing row, every past sadness is a burning trauma that infuses a character's whole being, it was really refreshing to see normal people being normal.
The parts were played to perfection by Simmons and Spacek.

The Sci-fi aspect of the story ended up being a kind of side issue...and you know what? I kind of liked it that way.
"Go and look at the vista of an alien world today?"
"Nah, got some errands to run in town. You want anything from the store?"

Hoping there is a series 2.