Posted: Nov 25, 2022 1:12 pm
by don't get me started

Now, I was yet a lad in 1977 when I queued for 3 hours to see Star Wars. My young self was blown away. I'd never seen anything as exciting in all my life. I watched the second and third installments but gradually lost my enthusiasm. I guess I was just getting a bit older and the cartoonish elements of the Star Wars story just didn't do it for me any more. I was less than enthralled by the prequel trilogy and was kind of dismissive of friends of my age who still really got into the Star Wars vibe.

Can't even remember watching some of the later movies...although I suppose I must have. All except 'Rogue One: A Star Wars story'. It seemed to have a seriousness and maturity that I found rather lacking in the main sequence stories.

Well, this 12 part series deals with the backstory of the hero of Rogue One, the titular Cassian Andor. I've been gripped. No lightsabre duels or using the force or wacky alien sidekicks here. This is a complex and well thought out story that really fleshes out the notion of what it means to be in rebellion against a tyrannical power structure like the empire. The story is a deeply political, perfectly scripted, excellently acted narrative. Some reviewers disliked it because they thought the pace was too slow...yeah, I suppose in this age of limited attention span internet clickbait that is a danger. I found it perfectly paced and am thinking of going back to the beginning and doing a re-watch.

Season two has been greenlit.