Posted: Apr 18, 2011 8:36 pm
by mraltair
Mazille wrote:
mraltair wrote:
Mazille wrote:Honestly, I sure won't complain about a high tits:anything else ratio. :shifty:

They should make entire films like that! :shock:

They do.
They're called "porn". :smug:

:shifty: Porn? :scratch: . Oh yes, um friends have said about that. I've not watched it, it makes baby Jesus cry. :shifty:

Mazille wrote:Just waiting for my dad to go to sleep and free the BIG ASS HD screen he bought a couple of weeks ago. It'll be awesome. :awesome:

I must say, perfect timing. Visiting my parents' place when GoT premiers. :thumbup:

Damn! I'll stick to my 17" monitor. :( I should upgrade :think: