Posted: Apr 18, 2011 10:01 pm
by Mazille
Just finished watching too. I hyped myself a lot too, but I am (almost) entirely satisfied. There were minor gripes, like the the direwolf scene LK mentioned or the "horse riding" scene after the Dathraki wedding, which I felt was essential to establishing Dany's position in the books. Also, I thought that Jon, Rob and Theon, who are supposed to be around 14-16 in the book looked way too old.
Minor gripes, though, as I said. The visuals were beautiful, they were entirely faithful to the story (if not perfectly faithful to the exposition, but as close as possible) and Dany is smoking hot. Yes, loads of tits in there (faithful to the books) but it works. I also like how the women aren't 18 year old matchsticks with a pair of immovable grapefruit nailed to them. The women look the age they are supposed to be, but still have all the sex-appeal Martin meant them to have.

The only thing I really could complain about was that it presupposed knowledge of the series in my opinion. The relations between Snow, Sansa, Arya, Bran and many others (and even most of their names) weren't established until 30 minutes in. Or take Dany and Vyseris. For the first time after they are introduced they interact like a girl trapped in an abusive relationship, not like brother and sister. Although the visuals helped to make them look like siblings, the acting wouldn't have told me that they were related until he called her "sweet sister". All that worked well enough for me since I know the books, but I guess someone who didn't read the books would have problems.

All in all: :awesome: Very much looking forward to the next parts. The action didn't even start yet and won't start for another one or two parts if they keep the current pace. :smoke: