Posted: Apr 18, 2011 10:36 pm
by Mazille
Lizard_King wrote:
Mazille wrote: Also, I thought that Jon, Rob and Theon, who are supposed to be around 14-16 in the book looked way too old.

That might be true, but I actually thing that this is a good thing. Having actual teenage boys play with swords would pretty much just look like, well, teenage boys playing with swords. Their age works for me. I only had some problems keeping them apart. Which one of these was Theon, anyway? The one that didn't look like Rob and Jon? In that barber scene, whatever the purpose of that might have been, it might as well have been 3 clones (although fairly ripped clones, I have to admit).

The lightest one of the three was Theon. The one with the dagger in one hand and the pup in the other during the direwolf scene.

I think the barber scene served to establish the blossoming "manly friendship" between the three guys. Seeing that they didn't look their actual age and that time is limited the talk about wanking and hot chicks was a good call to make sure everyone got that they were relatively close friends.
Playing together doesn't work for establishing relationships when everyone looks like they are at least 20. ;)

Mazille wrote:Minor gripes, though, as I said. The visuals were beautiful, they were entirely faithful to the story (if not perfectly faithful to the exposition, but as close as possible) and Dany is smoking hot. Yes, loads of tits in there (faithful to the books) but it works. I also like how the women aren't 18 year old matchsticks with a pair of immovable grapefruits nailed to them. The women look the age they are supposed to be, but still have all the sex-appeal Martin meant them to have.

When I first saw Sansa I almost thought she looked pretty hot, but then I remembered that she is only 13, so that would have been a little creepy... :?

Agreed. Same feelings about Dany. They are actually about the same age. Very, very much not legal. Just saying.

Mazille wrote:The only thing I really could complain about was that it presupposed knowledge of the series in my opinion. The relations between Snow, Sansa, Arya, Bran and many others (and even most of their names) weren't established until 30 minutes in. Or take Dany and Vyseris. For the first time after they are introduced they interact like a girl trapped in an abusive relationship, not like brother and sister. Although the visuals helped to make them look like siblings, the acting wouldn't have told me that they were related until he called her "sweet sister". All that worked well enough for me since I know the books, but I guess someone who didn't read the books would have problems.

Yes, that's another point that didn't ride well with me either. But then again, they only have 10 episodes to adapt a book of almost a thousand pages. So I'll cut them some slack.

Agreed. Hence "minor" gripes.

Hey, I just realized something: the season finale is scheduled for June 19, and the Dance will be out on July 12. That's not even a month of exile from Westeros. :yay: