Posted: Apr 22, 2011 12:15 pm
by Lizard_King
Mazille wrote:
j.mills wrote:Just FYI: all Martin's books are great, not just the fantasy. That's just FYI. I'm not on commission or anything. :shifty:

PS. Isn't it reasonable anyway if the kids do look alike? Family resemblance and all that?

There's a difference between clone and brother. :smug:

Well, besides, Rob and Jon are only half-related, with Jon being a bastard and all that (and in the books, Rob as more of a reddish hair color, closer to the Tullys then the Starks, a little like Sansa, whereas Jon, and Arya for that matter, look more like a Stark with their dark hair and the stern features.) And Theon is not related to anyone, since he is a ward at Winterfell (but that really doesn't show in the first episode, does it?).