Posted: May 03, 2016 3:57 pm
by Scot Dutchy
crank wrote:The records I'm talking about were bought by my parents obviously, I wasn't working in the cotton fields at 5 or so when I had the first two. What the hell were you working at 10 for? That's awfully damn young. Did it involve anything loud? That might be the cause or some of the cause for your hearing issues. 10 was about my age when both The Monkees and Joplin records came out.

Had my first paper round at 10. A small one and just filling in. It works totally different as in America I believe. No it was very quiet first thing in the morning in a very residential area. I started seriously at 12 and did two rounds every morning. There were no other real jobs available back then for kids.

I know what the cause of my tinnitus is thanks.