Posted: May 10, 2016 8:01 am
by Rachel Bronwyn
Scar wrote:
Oldskeptic wrote:Didn't even know who he is, had to google him. How'd the little fucker get $200 million?

He is (was) cute and a passable singer.

Do you think he was cute? I think he's becoming more attractive and might qualify as cute at 40. Not sure. His lips are enormous. I've had lip injections and couldn't compete.

He's also growing into his voice and does not sound bad live, which is more than a lot of performing musicians can say. His music is, overwhelmingly, just terrible but I don't consider the Bieb talentless. Insufferable dickbrain? Probably. He's an OK little singer though and his recent stuff is really intelligently composed such that it appeals to a wider audience than anything he did before. It isn't great but it's slick. Not, "What Do You Mean?" but the other two. I just wish he pronounced "sorry" like a Canadian in the song, "Sorry".

My mom said she wanted to bitchsap him when he came on the radio in the car the other day though. He's yet to win her over.