Posted: Nov 15, 2016 5:17 am
by willhud9

I really love this band. They are a Christian band i.e. their songs are about Christianity, but they are one talented band. That guitar work is phenomenal.

Many people are hit or miss when it comes to Amaranthe and this album further polarizes it. I for one happen to think this was one of those hidden albums of 2016 that I will greatly love.

Sabaton's new album is all about famous last stand battles. So of course Thermopylae would be mentioned.

The Agonist also slipped an album in kind of under the radar. Its okay, not as good as their previous one with Vicky, but still solid overall. Still she fucking rocks live.

Epica's new album is perhaps my favourite of 2016. I cannot wait to see both Epica and the Agonist the first week of December.