Posted: Oct 23, 2020 2:25 am
by arugula2
Bach - Brandenburg concertos, BWV 1046-1051. Concerto Köln.

Some youtube employee hasn't come around to creating a playlist... and made some typos...

[Reveal] Spoiler: No.1 in F

(no, there's no 4th movement :hand: move along...)

[Reveal] Spoiler: No.2 in F

No.3 in G, 1st movt. (should be BWV 1048)

[Reveal] Spoiler: No.3 in G (cont'd)

[Reveal] Spoiler: No.4 in G

[Reveal] Spoiler: No.5 in D

[Reveal] Spoiler: No.6 in Bb

^ (mislabelled as 3rd movt.)