Posted: Aug 31, 2010 7:00 am
by def
Some nice music mentioned here, Warp, Hawtin, etc... I got started on the Orb about 20 years back ( :waah: I'm getting old) and made my way through to the current Berlin scene, which is really happening. A lot of DJs are moving there, since they can make a better living there than in the States

I used to DJ casually here in Japan, but haven't in two years or so. I liked trippy, minimal music. I played a lot off of M_Nus, Kompakt, Border Community, Karloff Recordings, Perlon and Wag Records. You individuals are great, but you need to have faith in the label.

The last tracks I went really crazy for were these:

Nathan Fake, the Sky was Pink, James Holden remix, a beautiful swirling build to layered depth.

Andre Kraml, Safari, again, James Holden remix. He fucks songs up good. This one is known for shredded animal yelps mixed over a beautiful beat. By about four minutes in, it's insane.

And this track, Bay of Figs by Marc Houle, made the house explode. Just the perfect amount of build.

Keep in mind, those are meant for djs to use, so they have relatively long intros and outros. In context, in a set, they aren't so stretched out.