Posted: Mar 24, 2011 9:44 am
by LucidFlight
I'm more an ancient/early-to-baroque music appreciator. I'm classically trained (piano), but not a lot of classical, romantic, or modern appeals to me. For some reason it just seems "all violins and pianos" and uninterestingly formulaic (in my opinion, of course) — but I absolutely love harpsichords, the baroque oboe, the baroque trumpet, harps, lutes, and many early (medieval, renaissance, and baroque) instruments. When it comes to baroque, I admire the beauty and precision of Bach and Scarlatti, and I will happily listen to Telemann, Rameau, Purcell, Corelli, and Couperin (and sometimes, though I tend not to admit to it, Vivaldi).

Telemann - Concerto in D minor for oboe, strings and continuo (TWV 51:d1*)
performed by the London Harpsichord Ensemble. (All four movements.)