Posted: Mar 26, 2011 8:09 am
That reminds me Brandy: Once, as a callow youth, I was trying to impress a young lady and popped on my LP (remember those?) of Steve Reich, Music for 18 Musicians in the hope that it might hypnotise her into submission. After a couple of minutes she got up saying, "Did you know you're record's stuck?" and before I could stop her she helpfully slapped the side of the Dancette sending the playing arm skidding across the disc to carve a deep scratch in the vinyl. I was somewhat irked and expressed myself in forthright terms - she took offence and returned my admonitions in kind. We had a row and she kinda lost her allure after that. Well, I did say I was callow didn't I...

Hee's the first 10 minutes. Doesn't quite sound right without that scratch..