Posted: Mar 26, 2011 1:11 pm

Shrunk wrote:
JayWilson wrote:
THWOTH wrote:Bach Cello Suite No.1 - Prelude
Mstislav Rostropovich

A excellent rendition — magnificent touch and expression. :nod:

No disrespect to Slava, but my favourite interpretation is by Anner Bylsma. It also demonstrates that HIP interpretations don't necessarily involve faster tempo.

I must admit I found Bylsma a bit fluffy, waffly, woolly - it left me thinking that he'll probably make a really good job of it when he's had a bit more practice! :D :D

But what do I know? Bach left only the notes, who's to say how it should go, as long as its not Jacques Lossier eh? Stevie Isserlis favours that sense of onward momentum old grumpy guts went for in the first post - and he give good hair too. :D


I wonder if somebody will post the Courante.... :ask: