Posted: Oct 17, 2014 4:14 pm
by VazScep
Advanced Faster than Light is now playable entirely in the browser without plugins.

This is really exciting stuff. The tech behind this is a combination of a compiler technology called LLVM, a tool called Emscripten, and a hacked down version of Javascript called asm.js that can be aggressively optimised. The result is that any codebase (such as one in C++) that can be compiled by LLVM can be turned into javascript and run without plugins in the browser, at only 2-3x worse performance compared to native code. Best yet, Emscripten converts all OpenGL and SDL code automatically to WebGL.

The Unreal team apparently had a port of the entire Unreal engine to javascript in just three days. Their new engine, available on github for a modest monthly free with full source code, now has javascript as a target. Since then, the Crytek team have followed suit, as have Unity.

The future of even AAA PC games could be the web browser, and that'll do some serious shaking up of the status quo and Microsoft's dominance with DirectX.