Posted: Oct 23, 2014 9:21 pm
by Boyle
DarthHelmet86 wrote:]And that is all small fucking eggs compared to the real problem, which is paid for reviews by gaming PR firms and bullshit attempts at controlling the reviews, videos and streams of the game. There is a serious problem in the gaming world when it comes to the ethics of reviewers and game companies. It taints a fair amount of sites and is starting to work its way into the youtube reviewing community turning once trusted honest everyman reviewers into shills. Large corporations are using the same tactics they see work in other worlds of business and it is ruining gaming. Games made by committee to fit the market research, paint by numbers design and marketing pulled from the shady side of selling dodgy products is not what I want in my gaming. If you want to pretend this all must be a over reaction by a bunch of idiots go for it but I will be waiting to discuss the problem when the shit has cooled and people aren't trying to make this a great war to get as much attention as they can.

Hasn't this been perennial issue in gaming, though? I remember this sort of thing being talked about when it came to publications like PC Mag and PC World as well.

I didn't mean to paint you as someone that was only in it, or even tangentially in it, for the Quinn thing. It's clear you took it that way and that was not my intention. My point was that, as far as I could tell, this was largely touched off by that event. As such, it has been irrevocably attached to it because whenever mainstream news outlets report on it they inevitably include the backstory. That's the narrative that I saw develop.

Regardless, if you seriously want to change the way games are made and how they are marketed, you need a lot of attention and a lot of people to change what games they play and what games they buy. The games by committee thing won't go away till those games are no longer bought. Considering how well a lot of them sell, though that's not likely to occur anytime soon. I think that discussion deserves its own thread, though.