Posted: Nov 02, 2014 4:08 pm
by Jerome Da Gnome
So Anita is educated in communication and social/political thought, and worked as a viral marketer with her boyfriend before starting all this.

If you examine the timeline it is pretty interesting.

She produced a number of videos, like any number of people commenting on games or movies or whatever, but what she did was different than the others. She did not allow commenting on her views whilst simultaneously telling outright lies to make her points. The best example was in the Hitman game in which she preformed actions that the game gives penalties for whilst presenting it as the game was pushing players to perform these actions. Another reason people were upset with her was that she was stealing video clips from other game commentators without credit, presenting it as her gameplay. Additionally she stole artwork from from a lady on the web for her logo. So she built up animosity in the community whilst disallowing anyone to directly comment on what she was doing. Everyone knows how the internets works, particularly someone with Anita's background, she intentionally built up a frustrated group of people that felt she was dishonest in representing video games.

Now, after a couple of years of this she decided to do a kickstarter and ask for donations to keep doing what she had been doing for the previous couple of years, at first it didn't really kickoff that great. The she decided to open comments just for her kickstarter whilst advertizing at 4-chan video game boards (the same people she had been not allowing to comment on her videos for years) for donations. Well, of course all these people that she had been trolling for two years took the bait and made comments. She then turned those comments into a money grab by reaching out to the feminist community getting almost $60,000 in donations mostly based upon being picked on.

After receiving the donations so she could make more videos she spent the next couple of years not really making very many videos, and supporters starting asking where the money went as she wasn't making the videos she promised. With the heat on, she suddenly received a very strange series of tweets all in a row over a few minutes, of which she took a screen shot just seconds after the last tweet. Very suspicious.

She and her boyfriend are just very good marketers that targeted the feminist community using the gamer community as the bait.