Posted: Apr 14, 2015 12:27 am
by Matt_B
I can't see it as anything other than a terrible waste of money to buy another PS4, and duplicate everything just so you can play the same games in a different mode. If you want a second console, surely an XB1 would be a better buy, as you'd at least get to play some other exclusives or, if local co-op is really what you want, a Wii U? Nintendo still throw it in with most of their games even if everyone else seems to have abandoned the idea.

So far as PCs go, I'd think you'd have much more fun with two £600 ones than a single £1200 PC. Sure, the latter will get you a bit more graphics whorage, but the former budget should still suffice for better-than-console levels. Also, given that on-line accounts are free and there are some excellent on-line multiplayer games that are either DRM free or just free to play anyway, you'd fairly quickly rack up savings on what you'd have to spend doing the same with a couple of PS4s.

To justify two machines, why not set one up as an HTPC in your lounge - plugged into the TV for sofa gaming - and the other as a desktop in an office? That's pretty much the setup I've had for the past few years, and it works well. That way you can get a bit more out of them other than just playing games. (Actually, we've got eight PCs in total but that's a different story.)