Posted: Apr 17, 2015 1:59 pm
by electricwhiteboy
Sendraks wrote:
electricwhiteboy wrote:
DoctorE wrote:Planning on updating my PC, getting two TitanX + 4K monitor :) I hardly touch my xbox360/xbox one anymore

One TitanX is out of my price range sadly. GTX 970, or 980 is what I'm aiming at.

My other advice is be disciplined with your funding for your build. Set a limit that you won't exceed and then focus on getting the most bang for your buck on every component. There's no point in paying £50 more for a competent which is only slightly better than its competitor.

And always, always, buy a quality power supply. Review the shit out of that particular component.

Noted re the power supply.

I've got an absolutely set budget and it's going to be about building a ballanced rig within that.